New places have the ability to bring us something new and unknown. They often can change our selves, challenge our senses, and persuade us that a combination of the right time with the perfect place can simply be...insert what you wish. I am sure you are familiar with it. Suddenly, you are experiencing a completely different atmosphere, which you are attentively watching and soaking in, remembering each detail.

This very realization inspired with the idea that I want to spread and share further. My passion is to create a community of inspired people loving movement, places, experiences, exploring, activities, sport, trips, uniqueness, art. People loving life!

Let´s create a database of wonderful spots that are everywhere around us, popular or less known, of which we know nothing about. We can explore them thanks to people who pay attention to the individuality of each spot!


Each spot has its unique atmosphere and character. We are trying to present this in a way, that you will not miss any important detail. All photos and information on the website we create is aiming to show you the individuality of the spot, creating a concise, but complex image. Adding spots is therefore subject to user critique and their votes for every completed spot.

Park like a park? Never! Children carousels, climbing walls, small botanic gardens, city outlooks, nature, squares, privacy, walks, runs, workouts... Choose a spot where you feel your vibrancy.


Concise, although complex information are our priority. You will find no half-completed spots here, nor any evening good-night readings. Instead, we are offering photos delivering an image of the spot, or reviews of people who experienced the atmosphere of the spot. In addition, we translate every single spot to English language so everyone can enjoy their share of vibrant spots (we are Slovakia based team, but not for too long ☺ ). If you belong into a group of ever curious people able to catch the unique vibraions of a new spot, we will be delighted to inspire you!

An unique and beautiful area in Senec city near Bratislava, full of fun, sports, and pleasant relax by the lake, which was being created by massive excavating since 1845. The domain of the Sunny lakes area is of course the lake, spreading over 100 hectares. You can not only...
Local children’s playground in a really quiet part of Walthamstow with swings, slides, and one pirate-themed jungle gym. It also has one football goal to play football. The playground is quite close to Walthamstow High Street where you can shop either in regular stores or...