Ihrisko Teplická 5

Teplická 5, 831 02, Bratislava - Nové mesto, Slovenská Republika
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Children's playground, small park, and sporting ground within one area.

Concrete field with basketball baskets is fenced, so you don’t have to watch the ball so much. Just beneath it there’s children's playground with safety ground.

Both playgrounds are outlined with small park, where you’ll find Queen of family church.


Riazanská N55, 6, 5, 3
Sliačska 151


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Park baring the name of a victim of attacks in 1980s. Spot where you can relax by the Whitechapel main road full of coffee shops and grocery stores, also with an outdoor market. Atlab Ali was a clothing worker who was rasistically murdered on Adler street on 4th...
Two sporting grounds with a small park. Dominants are the two concrete playgrounds, both with basketball nets. Each have outlined lines on the ground and also outlines for goalkeepers. Just next to the two fields there are new calisthenic machines for workout. You will also...