Tomášikova 58, 831 04, Bratislava - Nové Mesto, Slovenská Republika
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This large area offers something for everyone. You can enjoy many sporting elements or the Kuchajda lake itself.

There are several buffets and two restaurants, many sporting grounds and three children playgrounds within the area. You’ll find here a football field, basketball, and volleyball courts. Furthermore, you can play ping-pong on several tables, train on workout machines or on calisthenics constructions. Running is just elementary here and the area serves many runners per day, although only with a concrete pavement around the lake.

Water is a chapter on its own here, since the lake offers many possibilities, including swimming in summer of course.

The area hosts various events during the year, starting with celebrating the start and the end of summer, various concerts, or competitions. There’s an amphitheater here to serve these purposes as well. The events are often organized on the sporting spots.


Trnavská N74, N61, 205, 204, 196, 96, 63, 61, 53, 50, 39
Zátišie N53, 51, 4, 2
ŽST Nové Mesto 196, 58, 50, 2


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