Lesopark Vrakuňa

Brezová 29, 821 07, Bratislava - Vrakuňa, Slovenská Republika
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An unique spot in Bratislava, mainly for the natural environment and its atmosphere.

One of a kind area next to Malý Dunaj river, where you can enjoy a great walk or have a run.

There are also swings for kids, a sandbox, and a fireplace with benches.


Podunajská 79
Šípová N70, 87, 78, 67


Spot Lesopark Vrakuňa has not added any status.


Children playground within a house block. It does not lack swings, sandbox or slides. The playground is behind the house entrance no.18 on Hany Meličkovej street. There´s a small shopping center near this spot.
Park with a couple of elements for children to play. There is a seesaw, slide, and a climbing net. The park is quite spacious, with grass areas where you can play some sports. Or you can just relax on a bench. A part of cycling path is crossing the park, which will lead you...