Ihrisko Bradáčova

Bradáčova 6, 851 02, Bratislava - Petržalka, Slovenská Republika
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An interesting area with three sporting grounds and elements for kids,

For kids there is a jungle gym construction, sandbox, or swings.

Sportsmen will utilize the concrete volleyball and basketball fields, or the ping-pong table. On the basketball field there are of course two baskets, and two goal nets for football or hockey as well.

The spot is behind a house on Bradáčova street,


Bradáčova N95, 192, 99, 95, 92, 83


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This really simple park was once a site of a medieval moated farm. Now you can sit on a bench in the middle of the park and unwind.
An unique area with children playground and sporting fields. Active people will enjoy playing football on a grass area with goalie nets, volleyball, or ping-pong. There´s a promising place to relax under an arbor, or by the fountain called boy with heron. You can get here...