Park Budatínska

Budatínska 63, 851 06, Bratislava - Petržalka, Slovenská Republika
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Smaller park offers calm relax. There is also a children playground with three ping-pong tables next to it. You can do sports on the fenced concrete ground with basketball and volleyball fields.

The spot is behind a house on Budatínska street.


ZŠ Budatínska N99, N93, 99, 98, 93


Spot Park Budatínska has not added any status.


An interesting area with three sporting grounds and elements for kids, For kids there is a jungle gym construction, sandbox, or swings. Sportsmen will utilize the concrete volleyball and basketball fields, or the ping-pong table. On the basketball field there are of course...
The largest park in Bratislava named after famous Slovak writer. With space of 42 hectares, much people spend time here mainly in the summer. You can utilize the spacious greenery for activities or you can go for a run in this amazing area. You can even search for your own...