Ihrisko Ružová dolina

Ružová dolina 12, 821 09, Bratislava - Ružinov, Slovenská Republika
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Small park with a large children’s playground.

This spott offers a nice summer relax in a calm area. Large part of the spot is a children’s playground with safety ground. There are also outdoor workout machines here.

The spot is behind a house on Ružová dolina street.


Ružová dolina N61, 209, 207, 66
Trenčianska 207, 201


Spot Ihrisko Ružová dolina has not added any status.


This playground contains a fenced field and relatively smaller space for children. A great environment for sportsmen who can use the concrete field for football, hockey, and other sports. The field is surrounded by fence. There are also some bars and elements for kids.
Small park and a children’s playground with a nice twist upstairs. Just few benches and a small green space, but still enough to get you a bit of relax. On the left side of the park is a children’s playground with slides, swings and jungle gyms, all on a safety...