Park Andreja Hlinku

Ľanová 1, 821 01, Bratislava - Ružinov, Slovenská Republika
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Recently reconstructed park near Štrkovec lake.

Despite the close main road, you can get yourself relaxed here by one of the two fountains here. Closer to hospital there’s the Fan fountain, and further you will find the Veil fountain. The park is relatively large, and often enjoyed for walks and spare time with kids.

Next to Herlianska stop is a bust of Andrej Hlinka, a leading person of Slovak national uprising. On the other end of the park there’s a statue of Karol Šmidke, after whom is the close-by hospital named. In the whole park you can reach the recently installed free wifi.

Very beautiful Štrkovec lake is really close from this spot.


DK Ružinov N74, 196, 96, 66
Herlianska-OC Retro N70, 75, 50, 9, 8
Tomášikova N70, 50, 9, 8


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First opened in 1869 and later refurbished  in 1998, this park offers a vast space for your activities. There is still a wonderful bandstand from 1884 in the centre of the park, or the Ada Selter Rose Garden just next to the lake. Both are  beautifully designed...
A very nice park with a large children's playground and sports fields. First of all, you will find a wonderful children's playground full of new jungle gyms, slides and swings. The entire surface of this playground is made of safety material. Athletes can play ping-pong,...