Hlavné námestie

Hlavné námestie, 811 01, Bratislava - Staré mesto, Slovenská Republika
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A square right in the middle of the Bratislava historical centre. All restaurants and cafés are close from here.

A beautiful renaissance Maximilián’s fountain from 1572 is here, which is just one of several other arts and monuments of historical Bratislava. Furthermore, you can see several churches, Michael’s gate, or old Town hall within one kilometer from here. A speciality of this square are ‘benches for couples’ so you can build up your evening romance here. This square is a part of Korzo, which is a historical walkway used also today, with the highest fluctuation of tourists and town visitors. Bratislava’s Korzo is basically a triange starting from the Michael’s gate, proceeding through Ventúrska street, Hviezdoslavovo square, and back through Sedlárska street.

In the old Town hall building located on the square is a museum of Bratislava history.

Various concerts, markets, happenings, or workshops take place here. Among them mainly the Christmas markets which are here every year during December. In those days, you can smell here cooked wine and many wonderful specialities tied with Christmas. Or if you like to be active, there is always an ice-skating ring built up for this occasion right behind a corner on Hviezdoslavovo square. In summer, there is a all-season market with mainly traditional slovak products.

You can find many retaurants and other establishments directly on this square, or very near within the historical centre.

The Christmas markets are taking place usually during 1 month, from cca 23.11 until 23.12.


Jesenského 6, 4, 2
Kapucínska 9, 5, 2
Námestie SNP X13, 9, 8, 6
Zochova N95, N93, N80, N34, N31, 184, 147, 131, 94, 93, 84, 83, 80, 39, 31


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