Vajnorské jazero

Vajnory 12078, 831 07, Bratislava - Vajnory, Slovenská Republika
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Beautiful lake full of sun and wonderful environment.

There’s free entrance to Vajnory lake, and good water quality attracts meny people each summer. You can find here several buffets and establishments around the lake, you can rent small boats or houses directly by the lake. The natural atmosphere of this place is simply worth it. Even a walk through the narrow streets of the area comes as quite interesting.

If you fancy more privacy, go to the side of the lake by a road to Senec city. This side of the area tends to be less frequented, without buffets.

You can get to the lake by car going towards Senec and turning left after passing an overbridge. On foot you can get here by public transport from Vajnory-nadjazd stop, or from Zlaté piesky lake passing along the NAY electrohouse building. Vajnory have its train station just next to the lake as well.


Bratislava-Vajnory VLAKY, S60
Vajnory-nadjazd N56, N53, 65, 56, 53
ŽST Vajnory 54


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New playground with interesting features for children. There is also a concrete playground with basketball nets. The spot is behind a house on Staré Záhrady street.
First opened in 1869 and later refurbished  in 1998, this park offers a vast space for your activities. There is still a wonderful bandstand from 1884 in the centre of the park, or the Ada Selter Rose Garden just next to the lake. Both are  beautifully designed...