Slnečné jazerá

Železničná 13, 903 01, Senec, Slovenská Republika
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An unique and beautiful area in Senec city near Bratislava, full of fun, sports, and pleasant relax by the lake, which was being created by massive excavating since 1845.

The domain of the Sunny lakes area is of course the lake, spreading over 100 hectares. You can not only swim here, it offers also many other possibilities. You can rent a water bicycle or a boat, and there are always some inflatable jungle gyms for kids floating on water.

You can choose from among many sport activities like football, ping-pong, basketball, beach volleyball, tennis, minigolf. You can also train your strenght routine here, either on calisthenic constructions, or on bodyweight workout machines. On the North side of the lake there’s a skate park with basketball baskets. Cycling enthusiasts can also utilize the bicycle path next to the area, which leads either to Pezinok or Bratislava cities.

Along both North and South areas with entry fees, there’s a wide variety of gastro establishments, stalls, buffets, and restaurants. You only have to choose your favourite. Concerning accomodation, there’s also a lot to choose from. Whether you prefer camping, bungalows, houses, or hotels situated preferably on North side. Parking is within the lake area on both sides.

Each year there are several events going on here, from smaller to gigantic ones, like Opening of summer, for example.

We suggest to also explore Senec city and the outside of the Sunny lakes area. You can find Aquapark Senec on the North side, or just have a walk to Mierové námestie in Senec center. Just over the fence of the area, there are intercity SAD bus stops and the railstation for you to commute here.


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