Ihrisko Hrobákova

Hrobákova 11, 851 02, Bratislava, Slovenská Republika
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A smaller children playground with safety surface and nice sitting place with benches, right next to a building of business academy school.


Hrobákova N99, N95, N80, 196, 192, 96, 95, 92, 83, 68
Starohájska N99, N95, N80, 196, 96, 68
Starý háj 98


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You´ll find here mainly sporting equipment, fire pits and beautiful nature. The park offers several workout sites for calisthenics. It´s also a great place for your running training. Another alternative are the fire pits (approx. 7) for barbecues, where you can enjoy the...
This park is surrounded by green in a rather quiet borough of Bratislava. It´s located between houses, so you can read your favourite book in quiet, or take your spouse for a walk. There is a children playground in the other part of the park. The park is opposite the...