Queen's Park

31 Egremont Place, BN2 0GA, Brighton, United Kingdom
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Named after Queen Adelaide, this park has an aboundance of green space and a lot more.

Vaste greenery and many benches make this park a peaceful heaven for anyone wanting to read a book. Many availible spots around the park, in its Quiet Garden or the Wild Garden, or next to the lake make this place an unique one.

There are also many jungle gyms, swings, ropes and slides for kids as well. And if they got tired of the playground, let them play some ping-pong right next to it. So sportsmen can use the pin-pong table, or play tennis on one of several courts, two of them with free entrance. You will also find many dogs running around in the fenced dog area.

Queens Park opened in 1892 and is listed on the English Heritage Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest as Grade 2, as well as the Clocktower erected in 1915 which is slightly atop of a hill. Another amazing sights are the two entrance Archways, both on the opposite side of the park. Also the Water Fountain might be of interest, erected in 1893, commemorating the financial gift for the bulding of the park.


Egremont Gate 94A, 74, 23, 18
Queens Park Terrace 21E, 21A, 21, 18


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