The Level

520 Union Road, BN2 9SD, Brighton, United Kingdom
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First opened in 1822 and just recently restored in 2013, this park has some nice spots to practice your skills.

It has basically two sides, on the first you will find three grass areas generally designated for dogs, although you might catch a free space for some activities. The second part of the park is where the fun is, there you will find a completely new concrete skatepark, a ping-pong table and pétanque area. You can even borrow the play equipment from the gardener or the café during weekdays.

There is also a huge children playground with slides, jungle gyms or ropes to climb. The intersection of the lawns and the playground is dominated by two beautiful bridges and pergolas on both sides with ‘‘dancing‘‘ fountains built into the ground in between them, working during summer. Or even two pavilions which are to hire for small parties if you fancy.

In the center of the park is a café offering refreshments. During summer this park hosts events like The Level Summer Festival or Funfair.


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Park with a lot of green space and picnic benches. This more of a leisure park offers a lot of space for any activities, or walks, and has a lovely set of picnic tables for days out. 
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