London canals

London, United Kingdom
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Spreading to the North of river Thames, the busiest part of London, and built even before the railways, you can have your escape here by the water.

The amazing thing about the canals is that you may find yourself in the very heart of London, but you can still have this calming stop here from the busy life and just let things pass by. Or a nice Sunday walk seems like a good idea as well. For the active ones, you can have your run or cycling in this beautiful environment. You will also find many parks along the canals.

If you want to have a glimpse of the canals, have a ride with a boat service called London Water Bus between Little Venice and Camden, which can also drop you off in style in the London ZOO in Regent‘s Park.

On one spot in the west part of the canals you can be passing by the river canal which bridges over a railway, and over the river canal there is even one more road bridge. Two bridges over each other in one place.

The canal web practically consists of three main canals, the Grand Union Canal with some minor branches, the Regent’s Canal, and the Hertford Union Canal. Along the whole complex you can find some restaurants, and mainly cafés, next to the water or on boats. You can find out more also in the London Canal Museum located in the Battlebridge Basin, just behind King’s Cross station.

London Canal Museum’s address is 12-13 New Wharf Rd, London N1 9RT


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