Altab Ali park

47 Adler St, E1 1EE, London - Whitechapel, United Kingdom
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Park baring the name of a victim of attacks in 1980s.

Spot where you can relax by the Whitechapel main road full of coffee shops and grocery stores, also with an outdoor market.

Atlab Ali was a clothing worker who was rasistically murdered on Adler street on 4th of May 1978 by three young boys. This only highlighted the ongoing problem and just 10 days after there was a march of 7000 peoplle from the place of his murder up to the Hyde Park.

In the Atlab Ali Park, there is a replica of the monument originally located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is called Shaheed Minar Martyrs monument. This reminds the people killed by police during the Bengali Language Movement in 1952, who wanted their mother tongue to be recognised by the state.

The original White Chapel stood here in between 1250 and 1286. It was renovated into St. Mary Matfelson in 1329 and amended about three more times during the next 500 years. On an enclosed churchyard there are about 7000 people buried including Richard Brandon, the alleged executor of Charles I (statue of his son Charles II is in Soho square).


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