Hyde Park

N Carriage Drive, W2 2LJ, London - Westminster, United Kingdom
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Covering about 142 hectares, just a bit under half the area of Central Park in NY, it‘s probably the most known park in London.

Hyde Park is a vast and famous park situated in London‘s Paddington area, just under Oxford Street, a world-wide renowned shopping destination.

History of the park started in 1536 when Henry VIll was frequently hunting deer here. Afterwards James I permitted limited access to this area. And it was not until 1637 when Charles I opened the park to the general pubic. Later on, during the 17th century, William III basically created here the very first artificially lit highway in the country by having installed around 300 oil lamps. All for personal safety during his walks.

Today you can relax in the park, have a walk there, cycle through the bicycle path, have a run, or many more... As large as this park is, you can have a beautiful run here, or use the spaceful lawns for various activities. Surely you will find your own favourite spot for relax, either on the numerous benches, or you can rent a deck chair near the NE corner of the park and next to The Serpentine lake. Another spectacular spot is called The Rose Garden, in the SE corner of the park, where you can enjoy the fabulous design and architecture of the place. Or even if you fancy some horse riding, you can do so in Hyde Park Stables.

The park is indeed dominated by large green spaces, with a beautiful Serpentine lake on the W side. There are several bufets throughout the park, and a restaurant next to the lake. The widely known Speakers' Corner has acquired an international reputation for demonstrations, protests, and mainly for public speeches during weekends where speakers may talk on any subject, as long as the police consider their speeches lawful.

Throughout the park are numerous art pieces like the fountain of Diana the Huntress, the Joy of Life fountain, or even the SE entrance gate to the park - Queen Elizabeth Gate. On the gate in the center you can recognize the lion of England united with the unicorn of Scotland. And, of course, there are many events happening here, so keep an eye on them.


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