Kennington Park

228 Kennington Park Road, SE11 4DA, London - Lambeth, United Kingdom
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Quite large park with an array of sports grounds and a beautiful garden.

You will surely notice the amount of sporting possibilities in this park. You can play ping-pong, basketball on two courts, football in a smaller multi-purpose area, train calisthenics on Street-Workout bars. Then you can also book one of their maintained sports grounds and play tennis, or football on a grass pitch.

There is really enough space for relax, whether on benches while watching the surroundings or reading a book, or in the beautiful garden! It was originally opened in 1931 and renovated in 2015. There’s of course a children’s playground with slides, jungle gyms and swings. If you have a pet dog, you can use the fenced dog area.

Even some history is present in the park, starting with the garden itself, or Tinworth fountain built in 1869 next to which is Civilian Memorial from 2006 commemorating people killed by a bomb in 1940. You will see also Slade fountain built in 1861, or Prince Consort Lodge from 1851 which is a building orriginally built in an adjacent area of Hyde Park, but later re-built on Kennington Park ground in 1852.

Very close is also Oval, which is the playing field of Surrey County Cricket Club.


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A smaller children playground. If you don´t plan to visit with kids, you can relax here with your favourite book.
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