St. James Park

10 Essex Road, E17 8AN, London - Waltham Forest, United Kingdom
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Spacious park with two large  grass lawns and a nice children’s playground in the middle. If you proceed to walk around the park passing by the railway  side, you will reach an outdoor calisthenics constructions with additional weights for  you to lift. There is also one ping-pong table next to the payground.


Barn Croft Primary School W19
Markhouse Avenue W19, 158, 58


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This playground is aimed on sports. You can play basketball or football on large concrete space, or beach volleyball on sand. The basketball ring here is lower than the stardand ones. Kids can enjoy the swings and jungle gyms.
A regular market turning into a bustling place each Sunday. Officially started as market in 1880, and historically dating back to 16th century as a street trading point, the East Street Market was regularily visited even by Charlie Chaplin. On a regular day (except...