St. John-at-Hackney park

33 St John's Church Road, E5 0PD, London - Hackney, United Kingdom
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Just as the name suggests, the park is situated around the St.John at Hackney church built in 1792. A very interesting spot, which in my opinion does project calmness, although you be the judge.

The space is expectedly full of tombstones and benches for relax. There is also a small children’s playground inside  the area.


Clapton Square N253, N55, N38, 254, 253, 242, 106, 55, 48, 38
Hackney Central Overground
Jack Dunning Estate 488, 425


Spot St. John-at-Hackney park has not added any status.


New children playground with three sport areas. There are children playground and large football pitch with mantinels and small tribune just next each other, or basketball and volleyball fields. After reconstruction there are new elements like small trampoline and workout...
A spaceful children’s playground with a concrete sportsground, jungle gyms, and a sandbox. Your children might also like the custom bird house built here.