Vauxhall park

190 Fentiman Road, SW8 1QY, London - Lambeth, United Kingdom
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Large park with a lot of green space and a levander garden.

There are two children’s playgrounds with everything your kids might need, also with a safety ground.

Big green spaces allow for your activities or just relax, together with sport  areas for tennis, basketball, and football. Or you can just pop into the multi-purpose sport area. There is also a dog play area.

The levander garden is a beautiful place to relax here in a quiet corner of the park.



Vauxhall N136, N87, N2, 436X, 436, 360, 344, 196, 185, 156, 88, 87, 77, 36X, 36, 2X, 2, Victoria line
Vauxhall Park N2, 88, 2X, 2


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A great playground with a concrete sporting area and jungle gyms for kids. It’s located on Ľudové square, where you can stop by from your walk.
A multifunctional sporting ground can be utilized for football, streetball, badminton or other sports. Benches next to the playground are an ideal auditorium. There are also few jungle gyms next to the playground.