War Memorial Park

16 Kenilworth Rd, CV3 6PT, Coventry, England
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Opened in 1921, this park stemmed from an idea to commemorate the soldiers of Coventry who lost their lives in The Great War.

This naturally makes the central point of the park the 87 feet high War Memorial, erected later between 1925 and 1927. At the same time of erecting the Memorial, the wrought entrance gates to the park were built. And to support their weight, stones from the old city wall were used in the gate pillars.

In relation to commemoration, another wonderful concept is taking place here. Many of the trees in the park were planted to commemorate the fallen soldiers. This tradition was at its strongest 1930's, and later even benches started to serve this purpose, where even you can purchase one to represent a memory of your beloved person.

Generally this park is really vast and large, having numerous immense green spaces, and a high number of sports facilities. If you are seeking active relax, you can play tennis, football, golf, pétanque, or skate in the skate park. The facilities are amazingly well kept and new. For eacch of the activity you might want to do, there are several courts and pitches availible.

In the centre is also a wonderful children's playground with swings, jungle gyms, a fountain area during summer, and sandboxes.

Just a walk through this park is really refreshing and energizing. There is plenty of space here, and the park is really close to the city centre. If you need to park your car, there are two car parks here, one on Leamington Rd on the side of the park, and a bigger one called Coventry Park And Ride on Kenilworth Rd.


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