Top Green Park

153 Warwick Row, CV3 6AU, Coventry, England
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Although located next to a road, it is a really quiet park very close to War Memorial Park.


King Henry VIII School 11U, 11, 1
Leamington Rd U17, U1, CEC4, CEC3, CEC1, X17, X16, U17, 580, 539, 89, 87, 18A, 12X


Spot Top Green Park has not added any status.


Opened as a recreational ground in 1884, this spot offers plenty of green space, and a trim trail for working out. The name of the park arising from previous usage of the site, with two corn mills functioning between 14th and 18th century. Now the large park offers...
Park also known as ''Flower Park'' is very spaceful and full of green lawns and open space. You can go for a lovely walk here along the flower beds. For active people there is a well equipped outdoor gym here. The park is located just behind the Clifton Leisuer Centre, and...