Top Green Park

153 Warwick Row, CV3 6AU, Coventry, England
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Although located next to a road, it is a really quiet park very close to War Memorial Park.


King Henry VIII School 11U, 11, 1
Leamington Rd U17, U1, CEC4, CEC3, CEC1, X17, X16, U17, 580, 539, 89, 87, 18A, 12X


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Go out and play beach volleyball, while in the meantime your children can beat on the jungle gyms. This playground is specific in its focus on sports, resp. in its two sport areas – beach volleyball and concrete football field with mantinels. You can also play streetball...
Place to relax, or get some refreshments. A beautiful square where you can find the local bureau of Karlova Ves. There´s also a fountain, very small children playground, few gastro establishments and the church of st. Frank of Assisi. You can get to the SNP park through...