Top Green Park

153 Warwick Row, CV3 6AU, Coventry, England
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Although located next to a road, it is a really quiet park very close to War Memorial Park.


King Henry VIII School 11U, 11, 1
Leamington Rd U17, U1, CEC4, CEC3, CEC1, X17, X16, U17, 580, 539, 89, 87, 18A, 12X


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Relax in smaller or larger park with fountain, depending on your preference. There are in fact two places to be on Šafárik square, each special in its own way. Literally on one side near the road, there´s located a seemingly separate park, which is smaller...
A really broad green space in a park offers options for activities and relax. Although the park is just few meters from a road, the broad space gives you the feel of detachment. Anyway, the benches are on the other side of the greenery, which can be used for frisbee or...