Top Green Park

153 Warwick Row, CV3 6AU, Coventry, England
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Although located next to a road, it is a really quiet park very close to War Memorial Park.


King Henry VIII School 11U, 11, 1
Leamington Rd U17, U1, CEC4, CEC3, CEC1, X17, X16, U17, 580, 539, 89, 87, 18A, 12X


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Nice park with many spots to sit and relax. There’s a beautiful sitting around a fountain in the summer. You can find also two art pieces here, the Hiroshima statue and the Sun horse plastic. The playground in the park offers new jungle gyms, swings, and two sandboxes....
One of the largest squares in Bratislava. Nowadays it´s in rather worse state, but you can still get your fair share of relax here, or just have some quick snack in a shade. There´s a great Družba fountain in the middle of the square. If you go a little higher, on the...