Brighton Seafront

4 Madeira Dr, BN1 1ET, Brighton, England
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One of the Britain's biggest attractions is Brighton's seafront and the Brighton Pier.

The seafront is a really pleasant place to be, either to sit down and relax watching the sea horizon, or to have a walk maybe towards Hove. Besides that the seafront offers an amazing array of bars and restaurants, Fishing museum, numerous stalls with souvenirs, art, food, and many more. There is a lot going on by the sea here.

The main focal point is the Brighton Pier, which was opened as early as 1899. In 1905 it already had some amusement machines installed, and later on it held various concerts, events and shows in a concert hall. Since 1980's it was slowly gathering the look it has today with more arcade and amusement machines installed, and vending stalls. There is an amazing view from the end of the pier (524 metres) on the sea horizon and also on the whole Brighton beach.

Another piece of history remaining here is the Volk's Electric Railway, which is the oldest still operating electric railway in the world - operating since 1883. It runs in summer, towards Brighton Marina.

There is a lot of sports going on the seafront as well, with beach volleyball courts, pétanque pitch, basketball court, ping-pong. The seafront is also a destination for runners, and a cycling path is running along the beach as well.

The most recent attraction on the beach is the newly 2016 opened 360 degree viewing platform i360. It is an amazing view from 138 metres height from a platform that functions as an elevator and comfortably rises up.


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