Clapton Pond

166 Lower Clapton Road, E5 0QA, London - Hackney, England
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This park has it's history reaching all the way into 1600s.

Nowadays it is a busy green space for people to relax by the lake in this beautifully designed park. There are benches for you to sit down and a fountain in the lake, creating a really nice atmosphere.

Around the park are various shops and restaurants.


Clapton Overground
Clapton Pond N253, N55, N38, 488, 425, 393, 254, 253, 106, 56, 55, 48, 38
Lea Bridge Rndabout-B6 College 488
Lea Bridge Roundabout N55, N38, 56, 55, 48, 38, N253, 488, 425, 254, 253, 106, 393


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Large playground with a relaxed atmosphere. It’s a spacious area where your kind can enjoy the jungle gyms, swings and other elements. The spot is approx. 15 meters from a house on Uhrová 9.
Just as the name suggests, the park is situated around the St.John at Hackney church built in 1792. A very interesting spot, which in my opinion does project calmness, although you be the judge. The space is expectedly full of tombstones and benches for relax. There is also...