Forest Recreation Ground

Mansfield Road, NG5 2BU, Nottingham, England
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Amazingly large open space belonging to original Sherwood Forest.

This spot is home to sports for almost 300 years, and this is strongly felt also nowadays. There are almost all spots facilities that you might need, all of them are almost new and in crisp condition.

To begin with, you can play football here on several grass pitches, or even on couple of artificial grass pitches, and also on a small multi purpose field! This small field lets you play basketball as well. Obviously there is a lot of space for you to do your preferred activities anywhere in the park, or just to relax on a bench. There is also a calisthenics zone with outdoor workout machines. You can also have a strenght training for running here on the inclined hill.

There are two children's playgrounds, a smaller one next to the workout zone with some swings and slides. There is another one closer to the city centre side with large pirate boat jungle gym, seesaws, amd slides. You can play chess on the bottom painted walkway as well!

You can find a community garden here as well towards Mansfield Rd. On the same place is a historical Forest Lodge built in 1857, which was originally a Police. You can still see the Police cell in the basement.

Every year there is an large amusement park going on called Goose Fair.

Also there is a relatively large parking next to the tram stop.


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