Helen Garden

S Downs Way, BN20 7XL, Eastbourne, England
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An amazing garden with an even better view on sea.

This astonishing garden is here thanks to Mrs. Helen Reid Hornby Lewis who had donated it to the city council. It was later opened to the public in 1935.

You will find here a large pétanque court, children's playground, or a lovely garden with picnic tables. And of course the area with benches facing the Holywell beach with an amazing view towards the Eastbourne Pier.

Just beneath this park is another hidden gem called Italian Gardens, where you can find a beautiful amphitheatre carved out of the cliff face. This is surrounded by trees and nature, hidden from the general view.


Foot of Beachy Head 3A, 3
Hospital Gardens 4, 3A, 3


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Amazingly large open space belonging to original Sherwood Forest. This spot is home to sports for almost 300 years, and this is strongly felt also nowadays. There are almost all spots facilities that you might need, all of them are almost new and in crisp condition. To...
A smaller children playground where you’ll find a children climbing wall besides others.