Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

8 Carpenters Rd, E15 2DU, London - Newham, England
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Built with 2012 Olympic Games in mind, this vast park is a good place to go for various reasons.

This large area devoted mainly to sports is really beautifully architectured, with some niche spots to go. There is a promenade, parks, children's playgrounds, small forests, and of course sports centres.

There are numerous art installations in the park, diverse areas and projects like The Mandeville Place for instance, which is an orchard commemorating the fact that Paralympics started in Stoke Mandeville in 1952. You will find many random art pieces in the whole park, the most famous one being The ArcellorMittal Orbit, which is a 114,5 m high viewing platform with a newly opened slide, and UK's largest piece of public art today.

You will come across beautiful gardens and meadows here, where you can have a nice walk, or a jog. If you feel active, you can use one of the public facilities here like a bouldering wall, or an unique parkour and calisthenics area in Victory Park.

Kids can have fun in really varied and interesting children's playgrounds. Unique design and individual elements used differ throughout the playgrounds here, which you will find all across the Olympic park, like Tumbling Bay Playground for instance.

If you are planning a more relaxed time, then you will be happy to find a couple of barbecue areas, parks, and mainly a really nice walk by the river Lea. The whole area is set just metres from Westfield shopping centre and generally many other services and refreshments around and across this large area.


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Large children playground with a concrete sports ground, many jungle gyms, swings, and a sandbox. This spot really has potential and it would stand to a good name after an revitalisation. It’s located behind a house on Páričkova street.