Thomas Gamuel Park

82 Chelmsford Rd, E17 8NP, London - Waltham Forest, England
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Local park with a playground, a ball game area, and an area with grass and benches.

A really cool children's playground on two levels includes a zip line, jungle gyms, and swings. All on a safety surface.

Next to it is a concrete ball game area where you can play mainly football or basketball, or anything you would like really.


Grove Road Walthamstow W19, W15, N38, N26, 357, 257, 230, 97, 69, 48, 20
Queen's Road 158, 58


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New children playground with three sport areas. There are children playground and large football pitch with mantinels and small tribune just next each other, or basketball and volleyball fields. After reconstruction there are new elements like small trampoline and workout...
Amazingly done park with a cool children's playground and a sports area. There is a lot of space for relax on the benches and under the pergola walkway. You can play basketball or football on the multifunctional sports ground. For kids there is an interesting playground...