Palmerston Park

108 Above Bar St, SO14 7DT, Southampton, England
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Park with a lot of green space and picnic benches.

This more of a leisure park offers a lot of space for any activities, or walks, and has a lovely set of picnic tables for days out. 


Above Bar the THREE, X12, X10, Solent Ranger X4, City Red 10, City Red 7, Bluestar 18, Bluestar 16, Bluestar 7, 40, 12, 3
Pound Tree Road W12, W2, W1, City Red 7
Solent University U6H, U6, U6C, 606


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Completely new public sports area within primary school backyard. Mostly used is definetly the running track with its outer line measuring 358 meters in lenght. In the center of this track is a grass football field, and just next to this are calisthenics constructions for...
A smaller children playground with safety surface and nice sitting place with benches, right next to a building of business academy school.