Sady 28.října

Sady 28.října, 690 02, Břeclav, Česká Republika
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A beautiful park next to a train station.

If you are waiting for your train, or you stopped in Břeclav for other reasons, you should definetly see this place. There is a pedestrian zone going along shops and establishments. In the park there is bicycle museum Velo pavilon, and right next to fountain there is st. Roch chappel.

There is an interesting sculpture of screaming man made by Daniel Talavera just next to the gymnasium building.


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The square offers relax on benches, where’s an interesting sculpture of a learning student girl. There’s also a very small are for kids with a slide and swings. There are some shops and establishments near the square.
Small park next to a new playground. A nice environment of this oval-shaped park is complemented with a children's carousel. The spot is behind a house on Studenohorská street. Just few meters away you will find a huge sports area with children playgrounds.