Park Ostredky

Drieňová 37, 821 02, Bratislava - Ružinov, Slovenská Republika
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A large and well-treated park that will make your kids happy.

There is a new children playground. It´s a great relaxing place for adults too. The park is largely visited also in the winter for one particular hill where children are sledding.

A shopping center Budúcnosť is just within few meters.


Clementisova N74, 61, 39
Súmračná N74, N70, 78, 9, 8


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Built with 2012 Olympic Games in mind, this vast park is a good place to go for various reasons. This large area devoted mainly to sports is really beautifully architectured, with some niche spots to go. There is a promenade, parks, children's playgrounds, small forests,...
New children playground with three sport areas. There are children playground and large football pitch with mantinels and small tribune just next each other, or basketball and volleyball fields. After reconstruction there are new elements like small trampoline and workout...