Trhovisko Miletičova

Miletičova 44, 821 08, Bratislava - Ružinov, Slovenská Republika
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The most established and largest market in Bratislava.

A place full of stalls with fruit, vegetables, and clothes. You can also get some refreshments and serious meals here. One can also benefit from rather good accessibility of public transport.


Saleziáni N70, 212, 209, 205, 201, 68, 9, 8
Trhovisko N61, 209, 201, 68, 66, 50


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Lukáš Kováč
Added review
9.6.2017 20:20
Dobré miesto na nákup zeleniny.
In this park you can enjoy calm moments with your spouse and watch the rather slower life in Ružinov. Since the park is close to a road, it could cause some disturbance. There aren´t many benches, but this is balanced by the calm atmosphere, mainly in the evenings. On the...
One of five neighbouring parks, named after the 5 times Mayor of Southampton. You can  find the statue of Mayor Richard Andrews, made in 1861, almost atop of the park. You can also find Titanic Engineers' Memorial in the park, erected in 1914. If you are after some...