Trhovisko Miletičova

Miletičova 44, 821 08, Bratislava - Ružinov, Slovenská Republika
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The most established and largest market in Bratislava.

A place full of stalls with fruit, vegetables, and clothes. You can also get some refreshments and serious meals here. One can also benefit from rather good accessibility of public transport.


Saleziáni N70, 212, 209, 205, 201, 68, 9, 8
Trhovisko N61, 209, 201, 68, 66, 50


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Lukáš Kováč
Added review
9.6.2017 20:20
Dobré miesto na nákup zeleniny.
Quite large park with an array of sports grounds and a beautiful garden. You will surely notice the amount of sporting possibilities in this park. You can play ping-pong, basketball on two courts, football in a smaller multi-purpose area, train calisthenics on Street-Workout...
This playground would use a reconstruction, but you can use the sport areas. You can play football here on a field with netting mantinel. There are also concrete volleyball field and basketball court wihtout baskets. The playground is behind a house on Babuškova street.