Ihrisko Svidnícka

Svidnícka 8, 821 03, Bratislava - Ružinov, Slovenská Republika
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Completely new playground with an unique driving school for kids.

Domain of the playground is a mini driving school, fully equipped with traffic signs and lines on the ground. Your kids can already learn a lot about traffic there! Next to it there´s a children playground with jungle gyms, swings and slide.

The spot is behind a house on Svidnícka street.


Herlianska-OC Retro N70, 75, 50, 9, 8
Solivarská N61, 78, 66


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Children playground with a sandbox and large walking rope. You should stop by from your walk also because of the relatively large space and several benches.
Completely new public sports area within primary school backyard. Mostly used is definetly the running track with its outer line measuring 358 meters in lenght. In the center of this track is a grass football field, and just next to this are calisthenics constructions for...