Ihrisko Palkovičova

Palkovičova 15, 821 08, Bratislava - Ružinov, Slovenská Republika
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A small children playground in the middle of a quiet house block.

Kids can play here, as well as sportsmen can work out on bars, or have an intense run down the hill or stairs.

The playground is situated on a hill near a small shopping mall.


Slovanet N70, 66, 50, 9, 8


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One of five neighbouring parks with a great skate u-ramp. This park has a lot  of green space for any of your activities. There are some benches to sit on, and the other parks are just within a couple of feet from here.
Place for sport or relax. A really spaceful park offers workout for sportsmen, or fun for young kids on jungle gyms. Sportsmen can use the calisthenics constructions or concrete multifunctional sports field. There´s also a very nice area for children. The park is situated...