Ihrisko Pribišova

Pribišova 6, 841 05, Bratislava - Karlova ves, Slovenská Republika
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Heaven for children hidden among houses. A place for relax, or small shopping.

Kids will surely have fun here for many hours. There are benches along the whole spot where you can read a book without being near the playground noise.

You can have refreshments in establishments, or a small shopping center nearby.


Tománkova N33, 133, 33, 32


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An amazing park with sports opportunities and a lot more. There are indeed many niche spots to relax in this park. Benches in various locations in the park make for a different vibe anywhere you go. For sportsmen there is an array of activities you can do here. On a...
Children playground with the movie fountain. A complex playground where you can do sports on concrete playground, or children can have fun on swings and jungle gyms. The iconic fountain for Suzanne standing here was featured in one of Slovakia most famous movie Fontána pre...