Agility park Hany Meličkovej

Hany Meličkovej 25, 841 05, Bratislava - Karlova Ves, Slovenská Republika
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A public agility park for dog training.

On this place dogs gain abilities, coordination and responsiveness under training of their owners. All of this within few obstacles in this fenced area.

Also, there´s a nice outlook on Austia from here.


Hany Meličkovej N33, 133, 33, 32


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Square with great historical importance. It bares the name of a crucial uprising in 1994, therefore you can find such square in 36 Slovak cities. You can see a thematic statue of Guerilla soldier and an epitaph. On the other side of a road, there are benches with a fountain...
Kids will surely enjoy jungle gyms, a slide, swings, or even workout machines. Higher up near the fountain is a concrete ground for sports. There´s also a second sports ground near the playground. There are many benches on the spot, so you can enjoy the calm environment...